Plant-based Conscious Creations

Mindful Roots is a plant-based frozen food retailer out of Delta, Co. We bring fresh food alive with already prepped and delivered, home meals and caterings. We offer a nutritious variety of breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner options. Our creations are 100% gluten free, dairy free and free from any animal proteins. The creations are convenient and easy to prepare.

Mindful Living

"Mindful living encompasses all aspects of life. It starts with the way we move, the air we breath and the food we nourish our bodies and mind with. When we embrace mother nature and what she provides to us, we will have a deeper connection with others and most importantly, ourselves and what nourishes our bodies. It all starts with living mindfully primal." With love, Carrie

Root Down Rise Up

Living a plant-based lifestyle has many benefits and is crucial for the environment. Our mission is to create beautiful meals to help your body fight off illness, help protect against disease, clear your mind, nourish the soul and return you back to your homeostatic state. "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food."~Hippocrates

Mindful Living Inside & Out

Mindful Delights

Organic treats to bring joy and happiness to the palate.

Overnight Oats

Nutritious breakfast or mid day treats

Mindful Snacks

Nourishing snacks for anytime of day. 

Conscious Creations

Meals, soups and sauces created to nourish the body and restore homeostasis. 

Mindful Roots

Color The World & Save The Planet

Plant-based Frozen Food Deliveries


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This weeks special

FREE sourdough bread bowl with purchase of broccoli sheese soup.
Michele McClinton
Michele McClinton
I received Mindful Roots as a Christmas gift in 2021. I have loved everything that comes to my door and can hardly wait for the notifications of the next visit to the Roaring Fork Valley with deliveries.
Betsy Adler
Betsy Adler
This is the best! Great, yummy, good for you food delivered to your door!
april spaulding
april spaulding
Every single thing I've ordered from Mindful Roots has been absolutely amazing! It's like your friend that is a really wonderful cook brought you healthy tasty food to make your week a little easier. I'm so glad I found them.
Meghan Crosby
Meghan Crosby
We have tried many dishes from Mindful Roots and have loved them all. Excellent portions and flavors.
Koree Christina Wilde
Koree Christina Wilde
Not just for vegetarians! I use these meals to liven up my veggie side to my meat dishes and pack in good nutrition. I also use them for lunches at work instead of eating out and I love the delicious good for you snacks! Mindful Roots helps me eat better in a very tasty way! I generally fail if I try to make these kinds of things on my own because they don't taste good and then I start eating junk again. I feel so much better eating this food as a supplement to my diet and I don't feel deprived at all! So delicious!
The amazing creations from Mindful Roots are divine--so flavorful and healthy! I really recommend the curried mixed veggies, vegan lasagna, and chickpea masala. Carrie is so kind and easy to work with. She keeps me updated on her arrival status for my delivery. I always look forward to my meals created by Mindful Roots.
s alexander
s alexander
eating healthy, made easy! this food was so good and i love all the different options
Donna Shawhan
Donna Shawhan
Fantastic, flavorful healthy food! So grateful to have found Carrie and her anti-inflammatory, vegan meals at Mindful Roots. It’s awesome to have healthy meals all ready prepared, only needing to heat them after a long day of work.

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