Connection To The Earth


In 2016 I discovered that what we put in our bodies is what we become. The modern dietary pattern that most Americans consume, including highly processed foods, red meats, high sugar content, dairy, fried foods, refined grains…. is slowly making us ill and disease ridden. Through extensive research, podcasts, zoom meetings with scientists, health and nutrition classes, I have learned that we can cure almost anything with plants. In helping quite a few people throughout the past couple of years, I have turned their health around from chronic inflammation or disease to living a full life of joy and potential. I created meals that included organic vegetables, legumes, sprouts, herbs, homemade broths, coconut milk, all of which were filled with beneficial nutrients and vitamins. The meals that I provide are made to heal and the biggest ingredient is love.

“Mindful living encompasses all aspects of life. It starts with the way we move, the air we breathe, the food we nourish our mind, bodies, and souls with. When we embrace mother nature and what she provides for us, we will have a deeper connection with others, and most importantly, ourselves and what nourishes our bodies. It all starts with living mindfully primal.”

With Love,


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